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Seene is a photo sharing app with a new dimension. Using the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, Seene is able to create a parallax effect with multiple images stitched together.

Seene was released to iOS devices in October by Obvious Engineering. The application allows users to “share life in 3D”. With the device’s sensors, users can manipulate the perspective of photos by moving their phone in almost any direction.

The effect is very realistic and creating “seenes” are easy if on the right surface, however any movement, reflection, or transparency, can cause some problems.

The network itself is pretty stable. It features following other users and starring other’s posts, however, there is no commenting functionality as of now. Like other networks Seene has the use of hashtags and user profiles to allow other people to discover new content easily.

To create a “seene” users are required to take four photos of the subject from four different angles. Users must focus on an object and then once users start creating the “seene” they just move around the object to capture all the angles of the object in focus. Once complete the “seene” can be shared across the Seene network, Facebook, and Twitter.

Overall Seene is a fun application to use to bring another dimension into photography. At the time of writing, Seene is free and only available in the iOS App Store. Grab the app and make some awesome 3D pictures.