From the developers at, I give you Iris. Siri in reverse. Iris is the Siri of Android. I’ve had Iris on my phone for less than an hour and I love it. So hears what the people at Dexetra had to say about their Amazing instrument:

“Has been a big day for us. We just got techcrunched, and was amazed to see the overwhelming support from the Android community. Only problem was that, the apk link provided there was pretty old. But we are not complaining, people still liked it.

So we have updated an improved version to Android market. The Updates includes

Conversation: You can keep talking about any topic (or just small talk). Even ask her how she is feeling today, whether she likes something etc. You can also try those Siri like wacky questions and Iris will give you sarcastic answers.

Images, links: Now whenever possible, we show images for questions as well as answers. These images are also clickable, which will open up the topic in browser and show you a detailed article.

Better intelligence: We have added a few more fact engines to the mix. Now iris has an enhanced knowledge base. So expect more questions to be answered.

Faster: Like everybody was complaining on the last release, iris took some time to get answers (often). Now, this does not happen anymore, it will give you a response in less than 8 secs (worst case).

The techcrunch article just caught on like wildfire and lot of other blogs rehashed it, (as well as the download link, unfortunately). So, help us spread the word that the vastly updated version is available in Android market.

Cheers and lots of thanks for all of you who supported us. We’ve got a lot of really encouraging feedback emails, tweets and messages. We will add Voice actions soon, and make Iris more comprehensive.”

To get Siri..I mean Iris, just type Iris in the Android market search box.
Now because Iris is still testing I have another alternative. Fake Siri. Its a joke app. If you really feel like being annoyed and being called a “Lazy bum” go ahead and install it. Happy Siri-ing!