The SwitchEasy Tones case provides decent protection with a very nice design. Tones case is made out of a rubber shell with hardened edges along with a scratch-resistant polycarbonate that covers the sides and most of the rear.   SwitchEasy also provides you with two screen protectors for your display, another one for your aluminum back, a microfiber wipe, and covers for your audio and charging ports.

The SwitchEasy Tones case does add a slight bit to the thickness of the phone. The case does retain more of the size of the iPhone 5 without adding to its dimensions compared to others.   This case feels good in your hand and you don’t have to worry about losing your grip on it.  The screen protector doesn’t hinder touchscreen functionality and unlike most cases in this price range, SwitchEasy provides covers to keep dirt and dust from getting inside of your headphone jack and charging port.

Removing your iPhone from the Tones case can be problematic for the impatient.   This won’t be a big deal for those who don’t take your phone out of its case often, however the polycarbonate rear and sides can be quite stiff.

The Tones case definitely preserves the iPhone 5’s design while keeping it safe.  I personally love the emulation of the two-tone color design as it comes in seven different colors to suit your eye’s desire.

I believe this case will fit the user who wants to retain the design and functionality of the iPhone 5 while adding a good amount of protection.  The amount of accessories included in the package is incredible based on the $24.99 price.