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We have spent some time rethinking what to do with the TekWik website.  Recently the posts have slowed down because authors have decided to stop posting news and Zach and I have been overwhelmed with development of the backend of PAT, maintaining the Minecraft server, school work, and we have been caught up in other projects such as EnvisionWith.Me.  A few months ago, we had an idea that we would change the website from strictly a news source to an “everything hub for everything TekWik”.  This new website layout will display what TekWik is all about, various news articles, tutorials, and much more.  The TekWik (and the never to be named, WW Computer Repair) websites have really progressed throughout the years and we hope to see them continue.  If you have been with us since the beginning  we want to thank you so much for reading the articles and watching the videos.  If you are new here, welcome to the community and we hope you will stay.

Best Always,
Bryan Weissman
[email protected]