Many people in the jailbreak community have probably used Cydia before. Cydia is an alternate to the app store but there’s an advantage. Cydia allows users to install without limits. This means apps don’t require approval through Apple so it is more open. The HackStore has the same concept as Cydia but for the OS X Platform. Below is a quote from the HackStore developers describing the app…


We think, HackStore, it is a break through the narrow confines of Mac Appstore. A lot of good applications should be created and promoted but if they will never come to AppStore they will be not popular at all, so we have created HackStore!

With an open App Market Place comes one bad issue… “piracy”. Piracy is a main issue so The HackStore addresses it. Their motto is ‘”No piracy apps here, forever and ever” so this resolves the issue so other than that its a perfect way for app developers to show off their creation without dealing with Apple when it comes to their release.

App Download: The HackStore

Below are some screenshots of the application.