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As much as I talk/brag about my iPhone, you’d never expect me to write a post like this. School is now out, and I have several posts influenced by what I’ve learned.

Not only is the Blackberry seemingly gaining traction (in Europe mostly) once more, but they are very useful for those of us in Grade school.

Pretty much EVERY teen in America has text messaged or updated a Facebook status during school. Towards the end of the year it was so bad that the Principal of our school called over the intercom system for teachers to just hold phones until the end of class because several parents had seen posts. But why are most new smartphones getting collected? Because of size, shape, color, and settings. What could be the cure? RIM’s Blackberry line. I know, because I carried a defunct one around after getting my iPhone taken up, and I used to write notes in my lap on it.




1. Every Blackberry on the current market excluding those in the Torch line of products has a physical keyboard. You can text flawlessly once you learn the keyboard. If you started out with a non-smartphone like myself, this advantage is very evident.

2. The newest Blackberry’s are amazingly sleek, timeless, and beautiful. This is more specifically the Blackberry Curve 9350, 9360, and 9370 & the 9900 and 9930, in my opinion at least. The can be compared to the iPhone because they are pretty much non-metallic and sexy in black. Obviously you run less of a risk with dropping these though.

3. The OS is extremely powerful. The Blackberry line was the pioneer of smartphones. I remember seeing the first one in 2007 via a commercial. That means the OS dev team and App store has had more time than pretty much any major handset maker to build.

4. The Blackberry Curve and Bold are the size of your palm. Perfect for texting in class beneath your desk. It is, again, very sexy and still comfortable.

5. Perhaps this goes back to the OS capabilities, but Blackberrys, especially the Bold models, come bundled with all the greatness of Blackberry OS 7.1 which is highly useful. You have BBM and so many other great, and connected features. It’s been years since I last used a Blackberry, but the experience on Facebook & Twitter was great and it can only get better.


These are some of the main factors I’m going to buy a Blackberry for the next school year. I will obviously keep my iPhone for use when I’m on break because it really isn’t a big deal on Verizon to switch phones over the internet. Perhaps this isn’t how Tekwik would like to portray itself, encouraging teens to text in a learning environment, but really, they should appeal to ALL age groups. And shouldn’t
 the teen make the right choice? Until next time, farewell…