As you probably have heard yesterday Apple has announced that on October 4th they will be holding a media event to unveil their new iPhone hardware. The biggest question though is what to expect. Wether its two iPhones or one, we are going to break the whole thing down starting right now.

Let’s start with the invitation. The invitation itself gives away a lot of details. Apple has always made their invites nifty and included hints at what to expect in their events and this adds on to the tradition. It has four icons. The calendar icon says Tuesday the 4th because that is the date of the event. The clock icon is pointing at 10:00 instead of the normal 10:15 it points to indicating the time the event starts. The map icon is Apple’s campus like always and on the bottom is says “Lets talk iPhone”. Many rumors point to this being a hint to Apple unveiling Assistant which is the new voice controls and Nuance voice controls.

The biggest giveaway however on how many devices we are having is the bottom right phone icon. It is a phone with a number 1 as a notification. What does this mean? That there will be only one new iPhone. Yes I know, I am upset too but guys there is no need to cry. We are adults here! Which one it will be is still unclear though. There are two theories though.

#1 A new iPhone 4s or 4G or 4-waffle or whatever Apple will call it will be the next device. It will sport a design akin to the current iPhone 4 with a few upgraded specs like an A5, 8-megapixel camera, and possibly a larger screen. The iPhone 4 will the become the budget friendly phone and the 3GS will be terminated.

#2 On the flip-side of things, Apple will unveil a completely new iPhone 5. It will be a redesigned tapered casing, larger display, 8-megapixel camera, A5 processor, and be thinner and lighter. The iPhone 4 would also in this case become the new budget phone and the 3GS would be eliminated.

Now don’t get me wrong here. Personally, I would love to see Apple release two new phones. Not only will it be a new thing from Apple, but from a marketing and business standpoint it would crush Android and the other competitors. It would gain Apple lots more market share and money with a low, medium, and high end devices. Nothing is official though, until Tim Cook takes the stage and says so.

Apple has also been widely expected to be bringing the iPhone to Sprint. T-Mobile was rumored to receive the device as well, but T-Mobile’s CEO says it won’t happen. Sprint has given multiple signs that they are next to receive it, and it seems it is only a week away from getting it.

On October 4th, Apple is also expected to unveil the release date for iOS 5. The expected release date of iOS 5 is OCtober 12th. This is two days before the rumored iPhone 5 or 4S launch. The new iPhone is expected to contain iOS 5 right from the launch.

Apple has also been rumored lately to discontinue the iPod Classic and the iPod Shuffle. Sales for the two devices have been very poor recently and Apple is expecting to hand them the axe. Also, the iPod Nano could be getting a few minor enhancements like being faster. Earlier this year we saw pictures of a Nano that was in production to receive a camera. However, I do not think we will see one. The iPod Touch is also expected to get some minor changes and is rumored to be available in white soon. It will still keep the same design, but nothing else is really definite.

As you can tell, there is a lot in store for us on October 4th. Until then though we are just going to have to keep guessing on whats to come next week. For all the news on the event, before, and after the event subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on Facebook, and Twitter of course!!!

So what do you guys think is in store? One iPhone or two? Is iOS 5 set to release? Will Apple discontinue the iPod Classic and Shuffle? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!!!!