wServe is a complex Minecraft server with large cities, rides, art, transportation systems, and an economy. wServe is still developing and will continue to expand. wServe 2.0 will be launching soon with many new features and revised rules. Join today to create, build, and design! See you soon!


wServe is fun.

We host contests and games for the players to compete in. Also we have many rides and amusment parks for the players to enjoy and ride. There are many places to explore and mine. You can trade in your ores for other things, such as tools, building materials, or just money. The money can be used to purchase items around the map. We actually have stores for players to take a shopping spree and build their inventory. Also for convinence, we have a metro station , where you can purchase a very inexpensive ticket and travel instantly to any city in wServe.

wServe is survival.

All is fun until the sun goes down… …and it gets even more fun! In the dark the monsters lurk ready to get you but with your weapons, you can get them first! The skeletons, spiders, zombies, and oh yeah, enderman, will spawn. The mobs are controled so they will not damage the structures. Creepers will not spawn, and enderman will not pick up or move blocks.

wServe is creative.

Build, Build, Build! On the server, you are permitted to add your own creations to the world and share your contraptions you may build. Create a home, and expand! Create a store and manage it! Do whatever you please with the creatons you make and design. You can make it how you want it.