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An all new way to connect with and play games with users all over the world.  TekWik Gaming is a central hub for users to have fun and play games.

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Our video production team produces as many quality videos as possible.  Each video undergoes hours of production to create unique content.  The video channel is purely technology related with tutorials, reviews, unboxings, overviews, and much more.


The TekWik Minecraft server is a complex Minecraft server with large cities, rides, art, transportation systems, and an economy. It is still developing and will always continue to expand. Join today to create, build, and design, and survive!


TekWik publishes very detailed articles.  These articles are free to read and may consist of news and tutorials.  Usually we provide video content to go along with the text so the media can be viewed in multiple ways.


TekWik strives to bring fantastic support to the technology community.  We have multiple means of connection ranging from email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, and more.  You can contact us using any of the  mediums and expect a helpful reply in no time.

Recent Content

TekWik Website 5.0

In January 2013, we decided to shift TekWik over from being a news provider to a content creator.  Since then, TekWik has seen continued growth and even though content has been slow recently, it is still growing. We have kept the same fundamental layout as the last website update, but have decided to switch over to a much more modern design with updated web standards. In addition to the new website, we have made a tough decision to announce an end-of-life date for our most beloved personal assistant PAT.  It will be sad to see her go, however it is for her own good and for the future growth of TekWik. We have plenty more ideas in the hat that will definitely provide our members with a great experience using technology. Best Always, Bryan Weissman Co-Founder...

Seene, a 3D photo sharing service

Seene is a photo sharing app with a new dimension. Using the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, Seene is able to create a parallax effect with multiple images stitched together. Seene was released to iOS devices in October by Obvious Engineering. The application allows users to “share life in 3D”. With the device’s sensors, users can manipulate the perspective of photos by moving their phone in almost any direction. The effect is very realistic and creating “seenes” are easy if on the right surface, however any movement, reflection, or transparency, can cause some problems. The network itself is pretty stable. It features following other users and starring other’s posts, however, there is no commenting functionality as of now. Like other networks Seene has the use of hashtags and user profiles to allow other people to discover new content easily. To create a “seene” users are required to take four photos of the subject from four different angles. Users must focus on an object and then once users start creating the “seene” they just move around the object to capture all the angles of the object in focus. Once complete the “seene” can be shared across the Seene network, Facebook, and Twitter. Overall Seene is a fun application to use to bring another dimension into photography. At the time of writing, Seene is free and only available in the iOS App Store. Grab the app and make some awesome 3D...

October 22nd Apple Event

Today, October 22nd, 2013, Apple has announced a new lineup of devices.  Ranging from Macs to iPods, and iPads to applications, today was a busy day. The MacBook Pro received a needed refresh.  Now loaded with Haswell processors, faster PCIe storage, and new graphics, the MacBook Pros are faster than ever.  With the new power friendly Haswell chips, the battery life has improved to 9 hours on the 13” and 8 hours on the 15”.  Most of the laptops feature Iris Pro integrated graphics, however the 15” system has an option of a Nvidia GeForce GT 750M with 2GB of memory. These laptops also gained dual Thunderbolt and the 13” MacBook Pro is even thinner.  Since most of the standard, non-Retina, models have been dropped from the lineup, Apple has reduced the pricing of the Retina MacBook Pros by $200.  Personally, I believe the updated MacBook Pros are a great platform and you can’t really go wrong.  The only things that bother me is the lack of RAM upgradability, but since most ship with 8GB to 16GB, it should no longer be a problem and the missing dedicated audio line in jack. The new Mac Pro features a completely new approach.  Rather than a traditional tower, the new Mac Pro is small, and round.  There is no internal expandability, but does feature six Thunderbolt 2 ports and four USB 3.0 ports.  It is obvious that the expansion is supposed to be done externally.  Packed inside this small cylindrical device, is the latest Ivy Bridge E Xeon processors with up to 12 cores, dual AMD FirePro GPUs, and up to...

SlickWraps Carbon Series for Pebble Review

Slickwraps is known to make quality skins for the latest mobile devices.  Installing the skin was fairly easy.  By just aligning the edges, applying the center clear protector, and folding over the edges, all of the hard work was done.  I did notice, however, that the parts that folded over to the back of the device took some time to get adhered. The skin applied very smoothly, covering and protecting the entire device.  Also, the skin has a carbon fiber texture that feels quite real. Once applied fully, the skin does cover the device very nicely and does not peel off.  I really do like the skin itself, but am not a fan of the blue color, however, there are more colors available on the SlickWraps...

Update: iMessage Client For Windows

As a TekWik exclusive, we have gotten hold of a beta of the first iMessage Client for Windows by @DustinSnider and @TechNetec . The client is still in development but has come a long way on how by our testing has proved valid and does actually work. In the current snapshot the Apple-ID is authenticated with a server which generates keys and packages messages. The client will send and receive messages from Apple so there is no sensitive data sent to the server as the data is all client side. The final release candidate will have no connections other than Apple’s servers so users can feel even more secure about their data. The developer plans on bringing this technique to give iMessage to other devices as well so there’s plenty of excitement to see which platform gets it next. Update: The software will be out for public use soon! Click here for a link to client’s website. Screenshot of current GUI for the iMessage...

Apple's latest iPhone family

Apple held a press conference on September 10th, announcing a new lineup of phones before the holiday season as well as a brand new version of iOS.  iOS 7 became available on September 18th, the iPhone 5c opened for pre-orders on the day of the announcement, and both new iPhones became available in stores on September 20th. For the first time, Apple has released a less expensive device that appeals to customers that want colored phones. The iPhone 5c has the exact same specs as it’s predecessor, the iPhone 5, but features a colored plastic body available in five colors. Internally, the A6 processor, 8 MP camera, 4 inch Retina display, and FaceTime HD camera, really make the iPhone 5c a great value for only $99 for 16GB and $199 for 32GB with a 2 year contract. The flagship device, the iPhone 5s, like the 5c comes in new colors as well, however, limited to only three. The available colors are Silver, Gold, and Space Gray. Not only were the color options updated, but new hardware is included. With a flash that changes color temperature, a M7 motion processing chip, an A7 64 bit processor, a slow motion capable camera sensor, and a fingerprint sensor, this new device really packs a punch. This latest and greatest iPhone will be priced at the usual – $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB with a 2 year contract. iOS 7 was announced alongside the new iPhones, with a plethora of new features. Most long time iOS users have been welcoming change for a long time, however, new adoptees...

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